Our Story

Our Mission

Based in Durham, North Carolina, Little Ace Ice Cream aspires to create delicious and unforgettable ice cream and cookie flavor combinations that reflect our love of childhood nostalgia, global flavors, and fresh local ingredients. Our creative, handcrafted ice cream sandwiches feature homemade cookies, premium ice creams, and a whole lot of love.

Our Values

We believe that kindness and integrity build the best kinds of businesses.  As such, our core values are kindness, creativity, constant improvement, and equality within every community we serve.

We are an LGBTQIA+-friendly business. Y'all means all.

Our Beginnings

In the summer of 2021, while still social distancing during a global pandemic, Jenna D'Amore began making ice cream sandwiches in her home kitchen as a way to revisit the nostalgia and whimsy of her favorite childhood treats. With a background in professional baking, a large library of community and baking cookbooks, she designed sandwiches that have the perfect proportion of cookies to ice cream, a satisfying texture, and flavors that reflect both Southern foodways and her love of international travel.

Soon she began sharing her ice cream sandwiches with her friends and neighbors, who raved about them and kept asking for more and more flavors. Jenna soon realized that she had developed some pretty amazing recipes that feature simple ingredients sourced from local farmers and food producers.

She opened Little Ace Ice Cream officially in 2024 to be able to share her creations with folks in her local community, offer additional markets for local food producers, and spread a lot of happiness along the way.